20 September, 2006

July - August 2006

artist Kuba Bakowski (Poland) working in Xiamen with Vis-a-Vis

Project I

When: 31st July - 4th August, 2006
Where: in the mountains in the region of Wuyian River, Wuyishan, Fujian province, China

Project arrangement: Vis-a-Vis

Kuba Bakowski in Xiamen designed and printed street stickers with a writing: "I was here"
Into the writing Bakowski incorporated the miniature photo figures of himself.

The street stickers were used to carry out an extraordinary artistic action in the Wuyishan Mountains.

Project II

When: 28th - 29th October, 2006
Where: 1,000 public busses in Xiamen

Project arrangement: Vis-a-Vis

The TV Zero Zones project consisted in nightly broadcasting of four video-animations (one a night) on the TV test-card of polish National TVP2.

The "TV Zero Zones Xiamen Project" consists in the artistic interference into advertisement sets displayed on LCD screens in Xiamen public busses.

The 4 video clips under 1 minute will be shown to Xiamen passengers in the public busses during few days at different time as an interval between music clips and commercial advertisements.

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